Why do cars washed at Station Auto Wash look better than with hand washing?

We made the investment upfront in higher quality equipment, including our superior water purifying system and the best chemicals on the market. The pure water leaves no residue, is free of the fine grit that can cause scratches, and enables the chemicals and soaps to react 100% with the dirt, instead of losing effectiveness by reacting with the water.

How often should I wash my car?

Washing your car once a week will protect and prolong the beauty of your finish. Don't have time to wait in long lines every week? At Station Auto Wash, you won't have to. Our facility is designed to leave the detailing for last, so those who want a quick exterior wash can get in and out faster.

Won't I be in danger of scratching the finish?

No. Because our water is so pure, it has none of the fine grit that can cause scratches. It also enables the soap to foam better, which is another way we shield your car. Finally, our soft cloths are the best money can buy. Our top of the line chemicals provide lubricity and a protective barrier to insure a gentle yet effective cleaning.

My car is finished with clear coat and needs no waxing, right?

Wrong. Even clear coat is susceptible to the effects of rain, snow, salt, bird droppings, and other pollutants. To properly care for your vehicle's finish and prolong its ability to keep your car looking new, you need chemicals formulated specifically for clear coat. With 21 separate chemical processes, Station Auto Wash has what it takes to keep that “just-off-the-showroom-floor” shine.

What's the point of detailing an older car? Mine seems beyond help.

The worse your car looks, the more you can benefit from our Express Detail Services. After washing your car in our pure heated water, we apply specially formulated polishes and waxes that can revive even the dullest finish. We had one customer tell us they got 10% more on a trade-in after detailing their used car at Station Auto Wash!

Do I need an appointment for detailing?

We offer detailing by appointment, walk ins (when available) and on a drop off basis. Feel free to wait for your vehicle in our themed lobby with wi-fi or drop the vehicle off and one of our team members will contact you when completed.

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Does it cost any more to come to Station Auto Wash?
Absolutely not. A wash here costs no more than at any self-service gas station! And, Station Auto Wash has dozens of ways you can save money from Prepaid Discount Cards to our wide variety of service options. With so many choices, you pay only for what you need – we don’t bundle our service offerings just to make extra money.